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New To Site

Postby Big Chinook » Fri Feb 14, 2014 8:00 pm

Well after lurking for awhile I finally joined. In reading of the posts gathered a lot of information. I used to commercial fish in the early 80's and enjoyed it but not stick with it. Now I'm looking at retiring in the next year and want to get back into it. So hello to all of you and glad to be a part of this site.
I have some general questions for you pros out there and I hope you'll help me out with this. They are simple things, I just don't remember them all.
1--What size snap are you using to clip to the wire and is it best to have bungees?
2--Where running flashers what lb. line do you recommend from snubber to flasher?
3--From flasher to hoochie what lb.line would you use and what brand of line for both?
4--What brand/style/size hook would you use as your hoochie hook?
5--Do you use sleeves of tie knots to your hoochie, spoon or not and why?
6--If using know what is the best?
7--When running plugs or spoons, how long is your leader from the wire and do any of you use flashers when running these, if so how long to flasher and spoon?
8--What size hoohie are most people running now?
9--What type/size of swivels would you recommend from the lower end of the flasher?
10-What is the distance you put your wire stops on at for your snap lines?
Any help will be muchly appreciated I just want to start off right and you can help!!! I will be doing my trolling in Oregon and have a 26 ft aluminum boat and just picked up an Oregon Troll permit. Thanks You all
Big Chinook
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Re: New To Site

Postby Once and Future » Sun Feb 16, 2014 5:49 am

That's quite a lengthy assignment you have handed out to us! Don't want to give you the cold shoulder, but you can find a lot of your answers by using the search box in the upper right of the screen. For example, search on "crimps" and you will find lengthy discussions on crimps vs. knots and what brands of crimps.

You see, you've asked enough questions for several pages of answers because every fisherman has a different opinion.
Once and Future
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Re: New To Site

Postby JYDPDX » Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:41 am

This is what i do so you probably want to do the opposite:

1: I use the standard snaps they sell murray pacific, the nickel ones. they are more forgiving on the wire when you run them through the block and easier on the hands to clip on and off. I wasn't aware there were different sizes. I started running snubbers only at my bottom two or three spreads for kings and regular snaps for the rest but I am going to re-think it this season and probably run mostly snubbers for kings. I think they are more forgiving on the mouth, especially when using treble hooks.

I assume you are not fishing for cohos.

2: I use 90lb mono for everything, king, coho, leader, tail leader….. I don't catch big kings though :)

3: 90lb Yama.

4: I started using the half price brand hooks that murray's started carrying last year. Cant remember the brand name (Eagle ? or something). Very satisfied compared to mustad. #7 for all my hoochies. One or 2 sizes bigger hooks than the spoon size for my king spoons or needlefish.

5: Jinkai sleeves double crimped for everything (meaning crimp the entire sleeve not just in the middle of it, not too hard and not to soft). They very rarely fail unless they are over a year old and have corroded in which case it is past time to replace the leader anyway.


7: I don't run plugs. I don't think they are intended to be run behind a flasher. Nor are standard spoons but there are needlefish spoons and other types that can be run behind flashers. The leader length depends on many factors and i don't believe there is any standard length. One thing it depends on is the distance between your wire marks. For instance if you have 2 fa wire and are skipping a mark for each spread (4fa apart) you don't want to have you leaders longer than 3 fa. If you are putting a spread on every mark (2fa apart) you don't want to have you leaders longer than 1.5 fa or you risk leader tangles when there are fish on consecutive spreads.


9: I use hotspot flashers and have found the stock swivels adequate as the flasher plastic and grommet usually fails before the swivel.

10: I buy the wire with pre-installed marks at 2 fathoms. There are various preferences for this.

Hope that helps.

Good luck!
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Re: New To Site

Postby Big Chinook » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:54 am

Thank you very much and I'll try using the search engine. Yes fishing for chinook
Big Chinook
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