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How to post a photo

PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:55 am
by Once and Future
Some have asked. As with some other topics, I may not be the best expert, but am willing to help. It's not as hard as it sounds when I type it all out, but by including all the steps maybe I will hit on the one that is stumping you.

First, how good are you at finding your pictures on the computer? I am not too good at it. So, I make a copy of the picture I like beforehand, and paste it to my computer desktop where it's easy to find. (It also helps to rename it to something explanatory, if you are handy at that.) After you paste the picture on your desktop, I hope you know how to edit it. Because, if it is too many pixels, you will encounter a problem trying to upload it. I take most of my pictures with the camera set to maximum megapixels. And I reduce them to about 30% of that to make sure they will upload. (I believe I am using "paint" software on this laptop to accomplish the downsize.) So now my picture is on my desktop, and "downsized" to a manageable number of pixels.

Now, if you are replying to someone else's topic, make sure you open the "full editor" window option, and not the "quick reply". If you are starting a new topic, the full editor seems to open automatically.

Then, look below the box where you type text. There are a few tabs there. "Option" seems to be automatically selected. Select "Upload attachment" instead.

There is a little box there with the word "browse" in an even smaller box. Click on "browse", and hopefully you can navigate to where your picture is. Double click on it, and it should upload to your topic that you are posting. You may have to click the "add the file" box at this point. Now there is one more step where you have to click on "place inline" to put the picture in your post. After that, you should be able to hit the "preview" button and see if this worked. If it did, hit submit.

Re: How to post a photo

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:08 pm
by Once and Future
Since I see no new photo posters since I put the original post up here, perhaps I have left out some steps that people don't know. Specifically, I started with the assumption you were looking at a picture on your computer that you wanted to post. Maybe you don't know how to get to that point, and some more instructions are in order.

Of course, you must be taking pictures with a digital camera if you want to post them electronically. (You could scan and post paper pictures, but let's not worry about that.) So assuming now that you have a picture on your digital camera (cell phones work also, but I am not as handy at that) you need to get it on your computer. Your camera probably came with a cord that will connect it to a usb port on your computer. Hook that up, and turn the camera on. Sometimes you have to switch your camera from "camera" mode to "player" mode. And now at this point, I am no expert, but I muddle my way through. I hope you can too.

Once the camera is connected to your computer and turned on, your computer should see it and a dialogue box should pop up. If you close one box, another dialogue box from another company's software might pop up. So I hope you can find one that will give you the steps to allow you to "import" and save your pictures on your computer. If you have more than one software program that handles pictures, you will have to remember where you allow the software to store your pictures. (In other words, in what file.) Some of this photo software will allow you to edit the pictures for size, etc., and some will just import and store it.

So let's hope you get the pictures on your computer, and you can browse through them. Open the one you want to post, and right click on it if you are using a PC. (I don't remember what the proper button to push on a Mac is.) A box should open offering the choice to "copy" the picture. Left click on that, then minimize the window you are in with the control choices in the upper right corner. This reveals your desk top. If you right click on a blank spot on your desk top, it should give you the choice to "paste" what you have copied there. Now you can refer back to my original post to see what to do from there. Last tip: I was making a mistake for a while of clicking on the icon of the picture on my desk top and saving that somehow, rather than the picture itself. Making that mistake means you are saving the icon thumbnail photo, which lacks much detail due to the small number of pixels.

Re: How to post a photo

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 6:56 pm
by Salty
If you take the photo with your iPhone it uploads without any problem. Thx Jon.

Re: RSW systems Trollers

PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:18 am
by dellori3
I am here to provide guidance in Refrigerated sea water systems for salmon troller’s. My background consists of 50 years as a salmon Troller. Much of that was part time. After retiring from refrigeration and air-conditioning, Lori and I fished full time.

I installed my first RSW system some 30 years ago and have done many boats since. You will note I said Salmon Troller If you are a net boat in Alaska, I am not your guy. Also applies to all tuna boats. You will need a much larger system. These systems consist of an engine driven automotive 4 ton compressor (SANYO SD508or 10) a custom condenser mounted in line with engine heat exchanger-option keel cooler. Stainless serpentine coils in fish storage box. Target RPM for compressor is 1,000.
Post your questions

Re: How to post a photo

PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:09 pm
by Once and Future
Del: What the heck, man? Why do you keep posting under totally random headings? Your offer of advice is great, but I am puzzled as to why you scatter it around where no one would look for it. I'm not mad, just quizzical. Thanks for sharing knowledge, though!