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my buddy

Postby Carol W » Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:07 am

Running gear I notice a lot of #2 fish coming up on the gear, not bleeding but rather scales missing like the fish have been raked through teeth. I look behind the boat no there is no heads popping up, I am not with the fleet but rather inside of the fleet off of Pt Lauder. I keep working gear and all of a sudden there is a big brown shape right under the boat, "AW $#!# " I run into the house and grab some bombs And chuck them over burning my hand in the process. back to running gear my little buddy comes right up to the stern post trying to give me a fishy kiss, he or she is just a pup and quite amuse by the goings on astern of the Carol W. I however have quite a different veiw on it for I know sooner or later not only will I have a bunch of #2 fish but he will start stealing gear. So I point the bow towards the fleet I shouldn't have been fooling araound in here anyway with the highliners all tacking back and forth outside of me. The pup is rolling around and playing right off my stern without a care in the world, by now my blood pressure has gone ballistic. I start pulling the gear aboard and stacking it, by the time I got to the last float I can see the Captain on the Bavaria to the west of me. Now I had known Barry for a number of years and knew first hand of his reputation, so I figured that if I crossed his bow my pup would disapear. So I started steaming west through the fleet crossing the Bavaria's bow first, I looked aft and there was my pup porpoising behind the Carol W as she steamed west at 7.5 knots. At One point the expression on the pups face was where are you going we were having so much fun, lets not ruin the party. Clear out of the water the pup would jump as he rode on the first wave of my wake. I smoked back then and in 45 minutes I must have smoked a half a pack just fuming as I watched that pup porpoising behind me. Finally he must have got tired because after an hour of running he was finally gone so I went out and set the gear tacking back towards the fleet, after cooling down I started laughing imaging how funny it must have looked to the fleet to see that Blue boat running through the fleet with a lion on her ass.

So If you see the Carol W running through the fleet off of Whale Bay don't pay any attention I just have my friendly Lion playing with me and he likes only Blue boats.
Carol W
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