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Trolling Pranksters

Postby RoverCranker » Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:59 pm

Trolling has produced some of the greatest pranks and entertainment ever known. The relentless hours forces one's brain to imagine the most random things. I've gone from the poles tied together with monofilament to boots filled with cheerios to fluorescent colored gaffs and many more. I once came back from a king opener to find my truck completely encased in saran wrap by a fellow troller who had beat me back to town. Life is great fun. Please share some of yours...
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Re: Trolling Pranksters

Postby SilverT » Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:16 pm

Those were good pranks. Relentless hours indeed. Thanks for the reminder of good things.

Tommy and I were 11 and 10 year-old kids on our Dad’s trollers and the bite would sometimes grind to a halt on a sunny afternoon. We often fished side by side, separated by a few hundred yards. Being kids, our patience level was way low after trolling for several hours with no action. Tommy was older than I was and it was really hard to get the best of him. Dad had trouble gaffing because of his lack of depth perception caused from the loss of an eye to a recoiling snubber. Consequently, we had a really big landing net and I knew Tommy watched to make sure it wasn’t flying too often. They almost always had a slightly better score.

The bite that afternoon had been off for hours so I grabbed a nice salmon out of the fish box, hooked it on a spare leader, let it out on the unseen side of the boat, falsely worked the gurdies and gave that dead fish as much action as I could all the way to the boat………… over and over. Even from that distance, Tommy looked a little concerned. The net flew that afternoon until finally the radio came alive with, “HEY! WHAT’S GOING ON OVER THERE!?!” Our Dads had a good laugh and for the rest of the summer it was hard to tell who was truly catching until we compared notes in the evening as Tommy and I became very skilled at making dead, gutted fish appear alive. They were some of the best friends we have every known and we made some of the best memories we have. I wouldn’t trade those days for anything.
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Re: Trolling Pranksters

Postby ericv » Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:37 pm

In the early 70's I was in Illwaco, WA at the harbor with a friend and his family. We watched as a couple of silver haired fisherman very quietly untied a buddies troller. He was, according to them, a live-aboard, non-drinker, hard of hearing and slept like a rock. They carefully turned the troller around with long ropes and re-tied her in her slip. They commenced to making a hell of a racket which woke their buddy up, bringing him out onto his deck yelling in the wrong direction. He stopped mid yell when he realized he was hollering seaward. I'd never seen older guys laugh so damn hard.

These guys apparently were all old time friends and serious pranksters to each other. They told us this was the same guy that walked around Illwaco the better part of an evening with black shoe polish on his face unknown to him. He fished alone and his buddies distracted him long enough for one of them to get on board and place a thin film of black shoe polish around the outer edge of the CRT radar boot and his binocular lenses. Their buddy was known to frequently look at the radar scope and use his binoculars to check stuff out. Apparently he went out for a day trip, came back to the harbor, sold his fish, drove to the fuel station and visited the grocery store before someone finally was kind enough to alert him. They said he looked like a gray haired raccoon with the imprint similar to a scuba mask.

My friends dad asked what this guy had done to them, they glanced at me and his son and said it wasn't suitable to repeat in the presence of teenagers.
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Re: Trolling Pranksters

Postby Journey » Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:38 pm

A friend of mine once stumbled into good fortune by coming across a flashlight with a pin-up girl on the casing. The flashlight kept him company in the wheelhouse through an entire spring. The brief love affair ended after another fisherman recognized the cover girl as Disney's child-star Hannah Montana.

Months later I ran into my buddy's ex on a set of birthday party cups at the White Elephant. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to help rekindle their love affair, so, after stuffing a cup with condoms, I left it as a gift on his galley table.

A week later I heard the story. While I was busy breaking into my friends boat, he was off picking up his new deckhand at the ferry terminal. It was later that day when my friend noticed the cup full of what appeared to be condiments, and a thoughtful gesture from the new crew. The cup sat on the table, between my friend and his very confused deckhand for three days worth of meals before the joke was discovered.
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