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entertaining the lions

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entertaining the lions

Postby Carol W » Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:02 am

One day this last summer I was trolling on one of my favorite drags off of Noyes Is. The morning started off with a swell from the west and a southerly breeze, we had already caught what few kings that the powers to be would allow, and now trying to make a go at coho. The day before had been southeast wind of 20 knots or better with rain and fog, and quite a few boats. I had only caught 68 coho the day before so I wasn't impressed with the fishing but as often happens there were boats running every direction so there was no clear path to better fishing. So the stick and stay make it pay motto came into play, after all diesel was $4.24 a gallon.

So I left the anchorage and rounded the cape got outside of the 50 fathom curve and threw the gear in, snuck back in the house for some coffee and an english muffin, when a line started pumping, aw shit I knew what I had and it wasn't the targeted species. So I go out back and start pulling the line and realize I now have 3 kings on that line to shake while 3 other lines are banging away. By the time I got done with all three lines I had shook 8 kings and 3 humpies, and caught no coho. Out of the pit I run to the house hoping to have coffee before another king hits, as I sip coffee I hear charter boats all excited about the kings I am dreading. Two lines go off and then the other 2 the whole boat is shaking from the force of Kings on all 4 wires I should be estatic however it is just work for no pay. After cleaning all 4 wires I realize that I have shook 15 kings and not caught a coho yet, upon entering the house I call the Mixie, saying to Zee I have a spotted tail problem today. Her reply is yeah big spotted tails and all i hear is cussing from the back deck.

Finally I start scratching a few coho but the kings are still biting, trolling with the wind I notice the wind is huffing and puffing more and the rain is now in sheets, oh what a wonderful day. As I am wrestling with a big frownie to let him go I notice one my brown furry friends behind the boat, can't be much better of a day I got 25 knots of SE wind, a big lump from the SW all the Kings I want to shake, rain, charter boats drifting into my drag, and now mr lion. One of the kings I shake is a bit stunned and I watch as he floats back only to be found by the lion. Well from the lion's perspective this is just way to good to be true so of coarse he snorts and claps his fins calling his buddies off the bluffs. pretty soon I got 5 lions behind me and they can't believe they have this village idiot shaking an unlimited amount of King salmon and all they have to do is swim behind the boat, they don't even have to dive down the gear cause the kings are shuck right in front of them, and my dad said there is no free lunch well my lions disagreed. The wind was getting with it now a steady thirty and most of the boats had left the drag, and my temper was rising all the hell with it there has to be something better than this so I trolled past the light on the Cape and started pulling the gear as I am bringing the last line aboard a young lion swims up to the stern rolls claps his fins and says where are you going we were having so much fun.

Aw the romance of trolling versus the reality of trolling, led me to Craig that night and a gin and tonic at Ruth Anns.
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Re: entertaining the lions

Postby Hans2 » Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:12 am

And those lions will remember that day as well and keep a sharp eye out for your boat and its generous skipper, too!

Thanks for the chuckle this morning!
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Re: entertaining the lions

Postby kalitan97828 » Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:58 am

Nice story You are a true lover of our furry brothers.
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