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Bar Brawl @ Diamond Dicks

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Bar Brawl @ Diamond Dicks

Postby Crawfish » Tue Jun 03, 2014 12:58 pm

I was sitting here thinking of tales of the past that have been handed down. This is the one that sticks in my mind. The facts will be close but please keep in mind I have not heard this for over 10 years so there will be a few errors. I was not present but feel free to fill in any blanks if you were there.

Sometime in the 70's there was a place called Diamond Dicks.
Diamond Dicks was the local bar all of the trollers and loggers would go into looking for fun, trouble or a combo of both. Well about 15 trollers from my home port gang came into town off of a big trip. The wind was blowing and the fishing had been good so every one had a little excess cash and time they could spare. Off they went to Diamond Dicks. Trouble was a brewing as the liquor flowed but every one was in high spirits and seemed to think they would get through the night without a bar brawl. Enter the Kirsch brothers. The Kirsch brothers were from Oregon. They were a rough and tumble bunch. If you cut them off on the drags they would blow your float bags to pieces with a 12 gauge without thinking twice and then meet you on the dock to settle up old fashioned style.

Now I think it was common knowledge they would not take anything from any one. Sheriff , Coast Guard ,Fish and Game it didn't matter they were wild. Rumor is they got into all out fist fights on the boat against each other. Bill Kirsch had a very deep voice almost baritone in nature. Don Kirsch had a voice like Mickey Mouse . No really , think "Mike Tyson" sounds like a girl but meaner than hell. Bill liked to start fights and lose and Don liked to finish them for the win. Don was a much better fighter than Bill you just would not know it from his voice. It seemed to not take much to set them off.

These were the kind of guys you wanted on your side but back to Diamond Dicks.

The Kirsch brothers and a large table full of other guys were playing cards. Poker the kind you remember seeing in the old western movies with the bar full of cigar smoke the booze flowing. You know the "good" kind of place to be on a friday around 11:00 pm. Everything was going good until a logger sat down at the table. Silence came over the players. Just so you know there were some sharks at the table who played often. Not at Diamond Dicks but were professional players from my home port. For the sake of keeping the names innocent we will call one of them Paisano . Paisano asks the logger you got money to play? The logger says yes and then everything was OK for the moment.

Well fast forward and the table is full of money . Paisano has most of the loggers money and some of the other players money. The logger made a big final bet chasing his losses on the table that was rumored to be around a $5,000.00 pot and is kind of acting nervous by shaking his leg. You could cut tension with a knife. Bill looked over at the logger and said in a deep growling voice "what the @#$% you so nervous for" ?

The logger didn't respond and kept shaking his leg. Bill said again in a raised voice, I AM TALKING TO YOU! STOP SHAKING YOUR LEG. ARE YOU CHEATING? :x A hush fell over the bar.
Paisano and friends knew what was coming next so they started slowly sliding their chairs away from the table. :shock: Before you could say GO! Bill flipped the table upside down. :o Cash was raining through the air like on a game show and then just like so many nights before history repeated itself. Bill took a good old fashioned beating and well lets just say Don played clean up with whoever else was left standing. At the end there was one guy left standing and it was Don :twisted: . I am told there could have very well been 12 to 18 bodies on the ground.

This sounds like a tall tale and it very well may be but I have heard similar accounts from at least 3 different people at 3 different times. I am not sure of what became of Diamond Dicks after this but if any one knows please pass it on.
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