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Postby dellori3 » Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:34 am

I have received a number of complaints that I write too much about fishing? All of course coming from the female species! They still don’t get it, a man is born to fish and they cannot change that, try as they will.
Having made that point, I have decided to enter some text about a fish’s point of view. (Providing they have one).

It has been five years from the time I got free from the pebbles in the little stream high in the mountains. My journey down stream was filled with danger as I eluded all kinds of things that wanted to eat me. The most terrifying event was when I went through this big wheel in a dam. It turned me around and threw me all over violently; I narrowly missed this big mouth that took a swipe at me. Some places there wasn’t a lot to eat and most of it didn’t taste good anyhow. I was nine inches long when I got to the ocean -----boy was it ever big and full of all kinds of things to eat. Problem was most of it was too big for me to swallow. Once, there came this silver thing by and I grabbed it. It bit me back and then started dragging me through the water and then I was lifted up and this big creature with hair and big eyes dumped me back in the ocean. Wow, what was that all about? I guess I dare not bite one of those things again. The ocean became deeper and deeper and it was clear I could see for long distances. There were some clouds of little shrimp----- krill and I begin to eat them. Boy, were they good”! I thought to myself it may be best to stay right here, for this is great! I grew a lot and they tell me I turned pink inside? You are what you eat!

Everything was going along okay until I became five years old. Then, I began to feel a strange desire to swim in a new direction. It was just an urge that kept tugging on me to go in an easterly direction. I had been was spending a lot of time with others like me and we just milled around eating and when we got tired we just went to the bottom and went to sleep. By this time, I was used to getting my own way and some things even darted away from me. Weighing in at some 45 lbs., I could demand the first crack at any little bait fish or squid, etc; I would just bully my way up front! As I swim in this easterly direction, I continually found myself closer to shore than normal. That feeling kept nagging on me to seek the place I had come from long ago. There most certainly was lots of food around here, of all different kinds. One day early in the morning, this thing came by swimming really fast. I gave chase and soon caught up with it. I made a swipe at it and MISSED. Hadn’t seen this kind before but it sure looked good enough to eat! Tried harder this time, got it! “Hey, this thing is sure hard---Ouch! What was that? It bit me back, I tried to spit it out –Hey let go,-this is not good, it’s pulling me now– no way, I will just pull back and shake it off! No way, it’s still pulling me! This is not going well, what’s going on here? Something big up above looks like a whale –no, it makes a funny noise and does not have a tail. This is not fun anymore! It’s pulling me up closer; don’t like the looks of this! I see that hairy thing with big eyes again! No, no, got to get away! What’s this? Grass squares? Entanglement? I am out of the water and land hard in a funny looking box! – THIS IS NOT GOING TO END WELL. OUCH! WHY IS IT HITTING ME ON THE HEAD? Stars! I am seeing stars, lots of stars and I’m dizzy, this really is not good! NOW I SEE SCISSORS CUTTING MY GILLS, WHO WOULD BE DOING THIS? Did I hear right? It thinks I am pretty. This could be the end! Does this mean my DNA is gone? Eaten by hairy things with big eyes?? OH DEAR, WHY ME!”
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