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When Salty was a pup

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When Salty was a pup

Postby old deckhand » Wed May 06, 2009 6:11 pm

We were fishing the second day of a king opening and Salty was too young to be involved; when a friend of mine had a little set back. Early in the morning a bad 60lb halibut took his large 232 plug with a 10/0 hook. He threw the halibut on the deck and as it landed he spit the hook and the hook when into my friend's backside, through his rain gear and cotton joggging pants. He was stuck well and the barb was barried in his behind. He call to his young deckhand to help him get the hook out. After doing surgery on the raingear and pants the deckhank took one look at that hair dirty old behind and decided that he wanted no more and would not touch it with an 10 ft poll. My friend tried to pull the hook out but the barb held tight so he tried to push it threw and it only got stuck deeper. At last he gave up and headed to town to see ole Dr. Gerorge Longenbaugh. On the way in he had the bright idea to tie the leader off and give the hook a sturdy pull and cut off the piece of behind and put an band-aid over the site and keep on fishing. With great skill he did the job with a very sharp knife and there it was his ole 232 plug baited with a piece of his behind just a swinging from the tied off leader. The wound site was a bit too big for the band-aid so off to see ole Geroge. He walked into the hospital holding an old blood soaked t-shirt over his behind with one hand and his piece of hooked behind with the other hand. He ask Georage to please sew his piece of behind back on his behind. George said that he could not do that but he could sew his behing together to stop the bleeding and gave him a tetnus shot. George also instructed my friend in post-op care and suggest he find a better way to get a piece of a$$.
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Re: When Salty was a pup

Postby Salty » Thu May 07, 2009 2:01 pm

I was in the operating room with Dr. Longenbaugh waiting for the delivery by C section of our second son. My wife and I had gone through Lamaze training several years previous when we were expecting our first child. I was one of the first dads to be allowed in the operating room for a C section delivery in Sitka.
Unfortunately the anesthetic spinal injection did not fully numb Sarah's chest area and she felt the first inch or so of the incision. We immediately reverted to our Lamaze training and worked on a focal point and breathing while the surgical team worked quickly to extract the baby so they could administer more anesthetic. A few moments later Karl Edward Jordan entered the world with a healthy cry.
On the way out of the operating room George briefly looked at me and said, "Good to have you on board for this." One of the compliments I have valued most in my life.

Dr. George Longenbaugh, good doctor, great man.
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