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Good news for USA

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Good news for USA

Postby Once and Future » Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:43 am

OK, you might think this is a bit too spam-like. But it's not a spammer, it's me, reporting I was very happy this weekend to find a range of over 200 boots and shoes made in USA. Unfortunately, not rubber fishing styles, but just about everything else. I am not going to post a link, but do a search for Thorogood boots and you will find it.

While I might be a bit out of line, I tend to do too much whining, and I want to share good news when I find it. Also, I think we are all desperately looking for signs of hope in America, and this is a small one. I can't figure out why this company hasn't gotten some good press.
Once and Future
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Re: Good news for USA

Postby fvsedna » Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:42 pm

" I think we are all desperately looking for signs of hope in America, and this is a small one. ".......So am I.....In fact recently, as recent as the 20th of November I wrote a semi scathing letter to XtraTuf, or actually Honeywell Corp. I visited their website which by the way has a panoramic photo of Thompson harbor here In Sitka as the header. I expressed my disapproval of their decision to move XtraTuf overseas with the Imediate loss of 300+ jobs. Below Is a copy of the automated response I received the following day:

"Thank you for contacting our customer care team here at Honeywell Safety Products formerly known as Norcross. We confirm your request has been received, one of our Customer Care team members will respond within 24 hours."

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary” ~ SAM WALTON

They didn't contact me within 24 hrs........nor have they still. Which lends me to believe, someone read my letter......maybe, my letter went Into the same trash folder of Begich's & Gov. Parnell's.

I spent a little time In research for the possibility of an American company that produces a boot which can replace our beloved XtraTuf. If not, maybe a company that would recognize the need & fill the vacuum with a functional, American made replacement. I looked at a couple different brands, which were sporting the soft chevron type bottom sole we know to work well In our environment. One was Lacrosse....pretty American I thought. After reading through there website & locating a boot that seemed to be the logical replacement......eventually writing them a letter & expressing my thoughts to them on the Exodus of American companies In general & then more specifically XtraTuf.
I have for many years used Lacrosse hip boots In central Idaho, duck & goose hunting, steelhead fishing & flood Irrigating pastures. Great boots...Tuf. I ordered a pair of their XMT Guardsman. Two days after they arrived I received the E-Mail following:

"Sorta Tufs" boots

Discussion Thread
Response Via Email (Carmel) 11/27/2012 11:28 AM
Hi Andrew,
As a consumer myself I try to buy USA made products whenever possible. I want to be honest with you and let you know that our LaCrosse products are imported. We hold our quality standards to the highest level and will stand behind your boots. Our sister brand Danner boots manufactures 40% of our products here in Portland, Oregon.

If I can be of further assistance please feel free to contact me anytime.

Take care,

Obviously , a very nice costumer service representative.........Once and Future, I know folks like you exist.....maybe one day If enough of us "whiners" make enough commotion things may change....But for now I think we are surrounded...I felt pretty foolish & humbled thinking I may have discovered something...

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Re: Good news for USA

Postby Once and Future » Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:50 am

There is another small sign of hope. I have been getting "Atlantic" magazine, (which I am probably going to cancel, more on that later) and they had an article this past month about how GE is bring some manufacturing jobs back to U.S. The article proposes that "herd mentality" by business types took too many jobs overseas, and savings were not even realized. Higher fuel costs for shipping and lost efficiencies mean some jobs might be coming back - but don't hold your breath.

To get a bit long-winded, GE is making an energy efficient residential water heater with a heat pump on top. When the engineers in America sent the blueprints to China, they didn't really care (and wouldn't hear) how complicated the copper tubing was to solder for the nickel-an-hour employees. When they brought it back to the states, the assembly line guys sat down with the engineers. And they simplified the design and assembly so much they are actually making them cheaper here now. Or so the article states. Anyway, having the engineers and the assembly line in the same block made a difference.

Reason I probably will cancel the "Atlantic" subscription is they recently ran an article (I think in the same issue) about one of those undercover workers in a beef slaughterhouse. He reported animal cruelty that was so senseless I doubt that it was true. I mean it doesn't save the company any money to be malicious to the animals. So I think they let a PETA type pull the wool over their eyes. But a guy has to get some news from somewhere.
Once and Future
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Re: Good news for USA

Postby Salty » Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:56 pm

The fact is that nearly all our food comes from harvesting living organisms, unless you are into road kill or carrion and that is scavenging from others.
It is a gorgeous day in SE folks, about 8 inches of snow here in Sitka, the sun is shining, I can see guys trolling.
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