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Nordic Lass for Sale!!

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Nordic Lass for Sale!!

Postby salmonsam » Mon Jun 23, 2008 7:26 pm

Troller Nordic Lass For Sale.

She is a 1954 36ft classic Canadian wooden double-ender. I have put a lot of work into her over the last few years. Was planning to hold on to her for a long time to come, but one of my partners is hanging up his raingear for good and I was offered his boat “my dream boat” So naturally I couldn’t refuse him giving me first dibs on her.
I have had the Nordic Lass for 3 years now and spared no time or expense. I have always had the intention on keeping her for my whole fishing carrier witch is just getting started. So everything I have done to the boat was meant to keep me fishing for years to come.
First and for most the hull. Every year I haul out in Seattle and paint the entire boat, redo the zincs so on and so forth. Last season I hauled out with the intention of doing a few frames in the stern and maybe a plank or two, but we all know wood boats. 3 and a half months later and missing the king opener she was completely re-framed, 25 new planks on her re-fastened and re-corked. Remember I said I was planning on keeping the boat for the rest of my carrier. Frames- there were a few rotten frames in the stern just from the rain water coming into the troll pit, but for the most part the reasoning for doing the whole boat was “might as well do the whole boat, couldn’t hurt.” It was One hundred and eight new frames by jobs end. Planks- the reasoning for doing so many was not that they were rotten, some were necessary to take off for doing the frames. The others I was not happy with how the butt seams were, many were only a frame apart so it was time to re-stager the butts so they were spread out, manly so I could sleep better at night! And with that work done re-fastening and corking just went along with the job.
This year I put all new trim on the wheel house and trunk cabin, then house forward tufflexed (No Leaks).
She has a 6 cylinder Isuzu for power, trolling and running to the anchorage .9 to 1 gallon an hour. Re-built 3,000 hours ago, runs like a top never had a problem. Spare starter, alternator, water pump. New fuel lines as of 2 seasons ago. I built a fuel manifold for the system when I got the boat, it is a duel racore setup and it is all valued to pull or return to what ever tank u want.
All aluminum rigging
Three spool simplex gurdies. New 5/64 2 fathom wire on them only fished 3 days!!
180 gallons of fuel, plus 15 gallon day tank. Day tank plumed into fuel manifold as well.
30 gallon water
Dickinson stove only 2 season on it.
2 racks in the bow.
Skiff on the boom
Cabin is very clean, it is nice and cozy with the stove running holds heat very well. Even better after a day of fishing.
Electronics- when I got the boat the first thing I got was a new comnav autopilot, with remote in the pit (works great never had a problem.) 2 new sounders/ forward looking sonar one in house and one in pit, (with the forward looking sonar I think I maybe have only lost 1 or 2 leads to the bottom, in 3 seasons) New flat screen in the troll pit. Radar, GPS, VHF, CB.
All in all it is a great boat, very good sea boat it has seen a lot of weather and made it thru no problem!
It is on the dock in Sitka Alaska right now. It is ready to ice up and go fishing today!
Asking 35,000
Call Sam (530)613-6100
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Re: Nordic Lass for Sale!!

Postby steffco » Mon Jun 30, 2008 5:07 am

This boat has been sold...
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