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Wanted; Boat and / or Permit

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Wanted; Boat and / or Permit

Postby robert644 » Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:14 pm

I am looking to purchase a boat and / or a permit (hand troll) in the next year or so. I worked on a power troller for a couple years, mid 90's, before leaving SE and moving to Oregon. Currently I am with the army and when I am done with my enlistment the plan is to return to SE AK and purchase a boat to live on, or purchase one in Washington. I am going to have about $10,000 to spend on a boat when I get out. I worked in boat sales after leaving SE, so I know what $10,000 is going to get me. I am really partial to the heavy built wooden boats.

I figure I can always find a boat, and if it comes down to it, an old plywood cabin cruiser will do. Hang an outboard off the back, I can get pretty creative. The permit is the most important thing, without it I can't fish, heck I have a boat right now if it comes to that, a 20' Wellcraft that I really like, but it's not really what's needed. A permit is the difficult part for me.

If there's anyone out there with a permit that they would like to sell in the next year or two, or a nice boat, I'd like to chat. I realize it's all smoke without cash in hand, I'm just trying to keep myself sane here at Fort Drum, looking for that light at the end of my army enlistment.

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Re: Wanted; Boat and / or Permit

Postby Bill M » Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:52 pm

I'm in a similar situation and what I have found by going over a few of the links provided by Jon here viewtopic.php?f=10&t=247

Is a few boats/permits that people are willing to owner finance with some decent money down.
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