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RSW superheat settings

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RSW superheat settings

Postby dellori3 » Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:14 am

Superheat TXV adjustment on RSW systems can be very confusing to many. Superheat represents the difference in tempiture between the bulb location of the TXV and the coil tempiture of the evaporator (Coils). A ball park setting is +10 degrees F on the wide swing.
If you don’t have the instrument to measure these two points, there is another way. The purpose of the superheat setting is to confine the refrigerated effect to your fish hold and not let any slopover to the compressor that will cause internal damage. Lets take a example that most offends applies say the coil temp is @ 8 degrees F plus 10 degrees superheat, this will give you a suction line tempiture about 18-20 degrees. Bear in mind all the liquid refrigerant has boiled off at this point and it is just the cool gas that will make frost on the suction line. It is ok to have this frost go all the way to the inlet of the compressor but it needs to stop right there. It can kinda come and go at this point... This is a good novice indication that the superheat is correct. Note: when adjusting the stem on the TXV only do ½ turn @ a setting. Clock wise to increase superheat and counter to decrease.
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