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brailer bags in california

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brailer bags in california

Postby k.bates » Mon Aug 05, 2013 6:56 pm

just a quick heads up---three seasons ago my wife Linda and I trolled chums in southeast. The Chum Trollers Association had a great post on fish handling and unloading to tenders via brailer bags. (My previous experience with bags was in Bristol bay.) We had multiple sets of bags dried and sterilized each day as per these posts and advice from Carl Peterson . We later saw a post from Eric Jordan (Salty), explaining his use of bags for troll kings in slush ice. This season we started using our bags to off load kings here in California after talking to Russel on the F/V Geraldine, another S.E. troller. It took a little talking to convince our buyer that the fish would be o.k. , but after the first time unloading, he was sold. We have been filling our bags not quite 3/4 full of ice then making thick slush with clean salt water ( not harbor water!). You can always get rid of ice later if needed. Our bags hold about 40 to 50 fish (12 lb. average) and melt the ice as they reach temperature. We only add fish to one bag at a time as not to warm the already cold fish in the bag and work across the bag away from the first fish in the bag. We don't "top off" a full bag of cold fish with new recruits. Our boat has a fast roll period, so we have always been careful about not allowing too much melt water to accumulate in the tank in order to prevent scaling in crummy weather and the same is true for bagged fish. Keeping the slush ice thick is a requirement for not scaling the fish. The coolest thing is that (as Russel said) we no longer have to shovel ice out of the tank or search for orphan fish lost in the ice. It does not matter how long you do something there is always something fun to learn! Thanks for this site and everybody's posts. Ken and Linda, f/v Ironic
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Re: brailer bags in california

Postby Flyer » Sat Feb 04, 2017 8:23 am

Where can you get custom brailer bags made in CA?
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