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Outboard motor vs. inboard hydralics

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Re: Outboard motor vs. inboard hydralics

Postby doryman » Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:48 am

Next time I am at the boat I will get some up close pics of the setup. I think that would really show how simple and reliable the system is. As for people who know how these work and can make parts, Warren Junes as mentioned earlier helped with my partner boats system last year. Most of the other guys who used to make this stuff are long since out of business when the troll seasons went to hell down here. The Lauderbach Company was one of the premier sellers of the earlier systemes. An older gentleman who worked and did engineering for that company is a friend of mine. He has forgotten more about small boat hydraulics than most people will ever know. He helped me through some trouble shooting. He still has a company here in Oregon called M Hydraulics, but he really doesn't sell parts for these types of systems anymore but is very knowledgeable, they developed the first one. Getting back to the potential bearing problems, most modern outboards have extremely resilient and stable main bearings and caps and steel crankshafts, turned out of a solid billet. If your pump is set up true there is no way you could ever reduce the engine life. I sold my old outboard motor pushing 5000 hours and it is on a sports boat and running fine to this day.
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Re: Outboard motor vs. inboard hydralics

Postby fish head » Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:39 pm

Doryman I have been trying to find somebody here in oregon to set up this system , People i did find haven't set 1 of these system for sometime now. they do not know where to get it done . can youy help ? I am very interested in your parts for your guirdies also . I called and left e mails at turnbull , are they close for the winter ? can you please call me @ 541-821-2040 thank you
fish head
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Re: Outboard motor vs. inboard hydralics

Postby StephenH » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:40 pm

That will depend on how you answered the questions. If you plan on inviting families and friends out on your boat, you might need more space than an outboard motor will allow, so opt for an inboard. Fishers might find an outboard motor to be the better option because the motor is easy to lift out of the water, allowing you to fish in a shallow area without getting the boat stuck. All in all, it comes down to your preferences and your needs.
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