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Looking for a deckhand?

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Looking for a deckhand?

Postby Andre` » Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:03 am

Do you need a deckhand?, My name is Andre` Hall and I`ve come down with fishing fever,
looking for a boat with a capt`n that will take this 40+ year old greenhorn and show him the ropes. I can scrape,paint, cook, and figure out most engine problems. Last time I was fish`n
was in the 80`s with Oren and Ruth Johnson out of Craig. Since then I have worn out my copy of "Alaska Blues", and trying to get back. No bad habits, safe, clean, well mannered.
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Re: Looking for a deckhand?

Postby Salty » Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:26 am

What are you thinking? Trollers can't afford safe, clean, well mannered deckhands. Trolling is the home for bar closing, women chasing, tobacco chewing, rowdy, gut slinging, peanut butter and jam making fanatics.
You must be thinking about either an IFQ or charter deckhand job with your qualifications.

Off course I did have two deckhands last year for a while that were 63 and 64 years old. My younger partner in a moment of insanity referred to us as the "Old Duds". Actually he claims he said "Old Studs" but since we don't hear too well we took umbrage and highlined him for about four days in a row. We are going to have t shirts made up that say "Old Duds Rule".

The main problem with these guys was that they were scared of the bird that flew in the window one night and insisted that removing birds from the cabin was not in their contract. I had to catch the darn thing and throw it out. It was one of those little shearwaters.

Are you scared of birds, Andre?
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