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Salmon Pin Bone Machine For Sale

PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:37 am
by travelert
Hi folks, this is my first time of this forum. I hope this is appropriate for your forum. I have a Kaj Olesen EM-52 pin bone remover machine for sale. It was built new for me in Denmark in 2016 and used a few times. For all intensive purposes it's new. I am selling because we haul our own water and its not reasonable to use it with our system. Also, our needs have not grown like I expected. Additionally, I plan to phase our boneless salmon soon.

This is general link to the unit on their site: ... boner.aspx
I paid $20,500 for it with freight. Im asking $15,000 OBO.

Message me or call if interested. 907.299.1119
Traveler Terpening