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4 spool Kolstrand gurdies

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4 spool Kolstrand gurdies

Postby nccal » Sat May 26, 2018 6:47 am

I upgraded to a set of easthopes, so I’m selling my kolstrands. They’re 4 spool nylon, with motors and rotary valves. The number 2 spool is cracked but I think I’ve got a couple spare spools on a set of kolstrand hand crankers. Gurdies could use a tune up, but they are functional and were wheeling up salmon as recently as last Saturday before I replaced em. Perfect candidates to cut down to a couple sets of 2 spools or a set of 3’s with spare parts left over. Or a guy could run 6 wires and have a spool for pulling floppers.

I was told not to take less than $2,000 for them as is, but I’d be willing to talk. I’m in Eureka Ca, might be able to work out shipping from my Englund marine to one of their other locations. Call Nick if interested, I can text pictures if needed. 707-601-9308
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