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orca's and chinook

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orca's and chinook

Postby John Murray » Mon Jan 11, 2016 10:50 am

Interesting article in today's Fish Wrap(Pacific Fishing online fish news)
Its definite that orca eat king salmon in large amounts in July and August in the Salish Sea.They do eat other species of salmon ,but prefer chinook,duh.
The story doesn't delve into their diet and where it comes from the rest of the year but it should.On years like the last few did the Southern Orca's head to the coastal feast as record chinook runs swam for home to the Columbia.
Nary a word about habitat isues either.
What about seasons when the Frazer river sockeye are in good numbers,is more sockeye in their poop?
Since we do catch some Frazer and Puget stocks we are involved in this in some way I suppose?
Hopefully much more information is being generated to present a fair study of this issue.This is important as we head toward the next 10 year treaty talks.
John Murray
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