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Postby Kelper » Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:06 pm

Curious if anyone is putting Kelkote on the decks of their wood boats? I currently have tuffflex, but it sounds like Pacific Pride in Ktown isn't carrying it anymore. They mentioned Kelkote as an alternative but were unsure about wood boats. I'd like to redo some of my tuffflex this spring.

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Re: Kelkote

Postby carojae » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:31 pm

Have you heard of Poly coat? I seen it on the fish buyer Chief Kawina's deck and was very impressed with what I saw.
One of the guys on the buyer said they make a 2 part application that is kind of like a rubberized coating that they used. Since there is so much industrial activity on these buyers I was impressed.
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Re: Kelkote

Postby JKD » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:31 am

We bought some Kelkote from "Wells Fishing" back in the 90s in Sitka and applied it on low traffic areas on a steel deck and it didn't seem up to the task. I could have been expecting too much, or I may have made an improper application but in less than a year it came off the recommended primer surface where we were storing spare 100-fathom shots of brown crab rope. The surfaces were always covered with secured shots under tarps so there wasn't much chance of friction or scuffing damage to the surfaces. It was recommended by others who appeared to be satisfied with how they were using it, and I know that some of those people had wood decks and cabins.

I'd make sure there wasn't another marine [or hardware] store in SE that carried your particular Tufflex coating. A few phone calls may put you onto a nearby inventory with Tufflex or there's always the online angle; We have enough people just in the troll fleet trying to keep their wooden work decks healthy in their high-traffic areas, so I suspect you'll get some responses. My maintenance experience on wooden decks was with 70s technology (or ancient history), so I won't make any recommendation. Good luck with your search.
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