Green Deckhand available for when whenever you need me

Find a job on a fishing boat, or sign on a deckhand.
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Green Deckhand available for when whenever you need me

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Hello my name is Matthew. I am new to the Seattle area and obviously i am hoping to get into fishing. I have friends both past and present that have been in all aspects of this profession unfortunatly there isnt any room on their boats at the moment. would like to do salmon and cod but im open to crab too i guess. i travel a lot and and having some time off each year to travel would be great. it would be much easier having a boat to come back to and a job then to have to find a new job after each of my trips. i dont drink or do hard drugs. im 24, 6 foot about two hundred lbs. i am eager to learn anything new and put my all into my work. i like to work long hours when i am home from my traveling and have been told by several fisherman that this job would be great for my lifestyle. i have been pointed to the big process ship to start out but would rather just find a smaller company instead. i would like to learn more then just a single task on a boat. i am not looking for a single season then im done type of thing. i am looking long term. also if there is anyone who does multiple species that would be perfect so i dont have to jump around to stay busy most of the year. i wanna work at least 8 months out of the year.

i would love to talk more with anyone with an open position. thanks for reading

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