Yet another "deckhand available" post

Find a job on a fishing boat, or sign on a deckhand.
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Yet another "deckhand available" post

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Hello Captains! My name is Jordan, and I want to work for you. I have FAS troller experience, although I would love to work on an ice boat. My previous skipper is theoretically retiring this year, so I am in need of a new boat. I work hard and get along easily with everybody, plus I'm a professional cook in the off season. I live full time in Southeast Alaska, and can travel anywhere to work. The Summer troll season is still a little ways off, but if you still don't know who your crew is going to be, look no further. I'm a fish cleaning machine powered by coffee and trail mix. I would also love to work on any type of fishing boat that needs an extra set of hands. Learning how to longline, seine, or gillnet would be an excellent way to spend a summer, but I really do enjoy the zen-like monotony of catching one fish at a time. I'll include my contact information below, and feel free to pass it along to anybody you know who may need a solid deckhand.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you all this summer on the docks!

Jordan Wiener
(503)449-5672 (Oregon phone number, but Alaska resident)
10410 Dock Street, Juneau AK 99801
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