Tuning the gurdies

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Tuning the gurdies

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Just spend 3 days cleaning the gurdies (Hasbra) and thought I'd share why. Re-set the gurdies with new starboard blocks (insulates gurdies from the mounting plate) and fiberglass bolts. I checked the voltage and every spool had a different reading. The gurdies were pretty green cause I did clean them up after the season ended so I dove in. Every contact was brushed bright which means the handles and brakes were taken off and the slides taken out and cleaned. I was averaging 2 hours a spool. At the end and for the effort, every spool is dead-nuts-on to the black box. And, I haven't look at the wire yet. And, everything slides into place with no effort just like they're suppose to. (you won't believe how much crud is under that brake)

Tricks for the project is a couple of good stainless steel 3" brush discs for a 3/8" drill and a couple of 1.5" drill brushes (for the tight corners and the bullet engaging the brake). McMaster-Carr part numbers 7077A39 for the 3" brush and 7077A33 for the 1.5" brush. Also, a brass tube brush (4917A433) for the holes. NeverSease on the contact point and a mask so you don't breath the brass dust (brass is 60% copper-not good for human consumption or termites). A vise helps hold the brakes and saves some time and your hands.

It is really important there are no significant voltage difference between wires if you use a black box, unless you want to be a low liner.
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