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unique visits

Post by Katlian »

Is there a way to register visits from unique users. The visit counter is somewhat inflated. I looked at a post I had made and it registered another visit.

Do you think it would be useful/acceptable for troller/longliners to list IFQ for sale. I think that IFQ wanted would become a quarmire or posts, but for sale might be interesting.

How about breaking the for sale category into two categories: Gear and Boats.

If I sell my boat because of listing on this site, I am going to send in a donation for you to buy some new hardware. Anyone selling something because of a direct contact made from this site should consider the costs of listing through a broker and donate a few bucks for your time and effort.

This site has rapidly grown into on of my most visited. It is pretty exciting to see so many winter fishers lurking on this site.

thanks for everything. Jon

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Re: unique visits

Post by Jon »

Thank you for your suggestions -- I read them awhile back but didn't get a good chance to reply until now.

Like you noticed, the boards built in "Views" counter increments each time a topic is viewed, even if it's your own post, or if you view a post 10 times in as many minutes. So it's not 100% accurate (or you could argue it actually IS 100% accurate...). However, I don't think any harm will be done if someone racks up a View count as high as they want, other than the wasting of their own time :)

The unique visits statistic on the other hand, is created by a program called Webalizer. It sorts the log files of every action on the website. When calculating unique visits it keeps track of every user and only counts another unique visit when someone leaves the site for more than an hour and then comes back. So no matter how many pages or topics a person views, it only counts as one unique visit.

Hmm... IFQ for sale... While it doesn't relate directly to trolling I think it might be interesting to throw on here and see what happens. I can't think of a reason not to and paying those brokers a percentage seems kind of wrong to me.

I think categorizing the For Sale/Wanted area into gear and boats could be a good thing. On the other hand it would mean more posts in the wrong categories that would require someone's help (*cough*mine*cough*) getting into the correct category. Also, by dividing categories too much, some posts will receive less attention than they would if they were all lumped together (like now). I can currently see an entire months worth of posts in the FS/W area on the first page and with a quick scan down the Topics it's not hard to see which are boats and which are gear. If it gets too congested in there, separate gear and boat areas will be made. :)

I'm not sure what to think about possible donations... The actual cost of running this website is probably less than the price of a going out to a movie these days.
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