Anyone in Southeast AK need a deckhand this coming season?

Find a job on a fishing boat, or sign on a deckhand.
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Anyone in Southeast AK need a deckhand this coming season?

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Hey Everyone,

I am moving to anywhere in Southeast Alaska this summer and I am going to attempt to line something up before hand. I am 29 years old and from Maine. I have 5 years commercial fishing experience. 5 seasons offshore winter lobstering in the Gulf of Maine, 1 season gillnetting in Bristol Bay, 1 season dragging for scallops out of Gloucester, and one long winter farming oysters near Prince of Wales Island in an way off grid setting. Last summer I worked the docks and processed salmon on the Spit in Homer to check out the processing/sales side of things. I am looking for any deckhand job out of any town the ferry services. Besides seafood jobs I have worked dozens of other practical jobs around the country and have accrued a modest amount of common sense along the way. I should add that I am a trained fine dining cook, and have had several crewmates tell me that I am the "best boat cook they've ever met". If you don't need a deckhand I would love work for free for a trip or two just to check out the fishery, see the basics of operations and have a good long conversation about trolling for salmon and the fisheries of Southeast. Thanks for reading and thank you to the regulars on this site for all the interesting information you have posted. I can provide a full resume and references if anyone is interested.
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Re: Anyone in Southeast AK need a deckhand this coming seaso

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Have you found a job on a troller yet for the season?
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